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Freshman Training is all about learning sanitation, state law, professionalism, working with your hands consistently, and basic cosmetology standards and techniques. Each class is 15-20 students maximum. This will allow for there to be more one-on-one time for students to learn effectively in a small class environment. While in Freshmen Class, students will spend a great deal of time practicing service techniques on fellow students to sharpen skills and gain hands on experience in the learning environment. Freshman training includes, but is not limited to, shampoos, conditioners, manicures, pedicures, and facials. All haircutting techniques will be performed on mannequins.
Freshman training will prepare students to work on the clinical floor. At the end of the eight-week program you will be tested by both theory and practical exams. Customer service is an extremely important part of the culture at BSOC. Cosmetology is a service-based field, so it is very important to learn how to communicate and treat clients in a way that makes them feel excited about their experience and leaving them wanting to tell others all about you.
Building your clientele while in training is very important to your future in the beauty industry. We at BSOC want you busy beautifying others and cultivating your skills to their highest level. Make sure to tell all your family and friends to book appointments with you consistently.

Freshman Training

37.5 hrs. per week
First 8-10 weeks
Saturday-Sunday off
Class Schedule


37.5 hrs. per week
Approximately 40 weeks to complete program
Sunday-Monday off
Class Schedule
T-W 9-6, TH-F 9-7, Sat 8-230

Jr/Sr Students must choose a late day once per week
Chosen day will result in a 10-hour school day.
-permanent schedule
-request to change must be approved

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